Jason Halpern and JMH Developments Continue Moving Forward

Jason Halpern has been busy since taking over the family company, JMH Developments in 2010. As a real estate developer his fresh approach to business has been good for the company and JMH continues to be a leader of the industry in exclusive areas like Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Miami Beach. Halpern is behind some of the most strategically placed, unique properties in these areas where luxury accommodations under his control are doing well.


Luxury has its place of course, but JHM remains just as committed to new, innovative ideas for both commercial and rental projects. From the beginnings of an idea to the completion of a project, Halpern and his team of experts at JMH put their talents to use developing brand new projects as well as taking an existing building and giving it new life. Historic properties are restored to their original elegance, with modern conveniences included the second time around and then enjoyed again as they should be. One of JMH recent projects is the renovation of 184 Kent Avenue in Brooklyn, which is listed on the National Historic Register. This address was the recipient of the Building Brooklyn Award in 2011 for the adaptive reuse category.


Another of Mr. Halpern’s more recent accomplishments is the Aloft South Beach in Miami. He put his passion for history and talent for combining the old with the new to good use with this interesting old building that began its existence as the historic “Motel Ankara” in 1954. Also known as the Banana Bungalow in 2004, and since its recent sale to Rockpoint Group, a real estate company based in Boston it is now known as “The Gates.” It should be noted the Aloft recently received an award for Hotel Development of the year at the American Lodging Investment Summit. Well earned recognition for a developer and his team that earned it.

That’s one very major deal done and you can be certain Halpern and JMH are far from through yet. They are focused on the future now and fresh opportunities as well as other, ongoing projects scattered across the nation. When you really feel passionate about your work, that’s going to show in the finished project. It would really be interesting to see what or where his next “historic reuse” project turns out to be and watching it unfold an education.


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