Wengie Matte Glam Makeup Tutorial Is Every Girl’s Best Friend

Wengie does it again. She breaks down these seemingly complex makeup styles in a completely consumable way for the everyday makeup lover. The style from this video, Matte Glam (note: for hooded eyes), is an absolutely gorgeous makeup look that is sure to glam up casual evening wear or add the perfect final touch to any cocktail attire. Her videos are always so well produced, from the lighting to the camera angels, which makes consuming her techniques feel that much more actually doable. And don’t mistake Matte Glam for just an intricate eye makeup look; Wengie breaks down this style from beginning to end and covers every element of her makeup wear.


She begins with her foundation, where she adds a bit of CC cream from Manilla Co. that, she explains, is to add a little bit of glow so the foundation’s finish so it doesn’t look so matte and one-dimensional. (Side note: this is another reason why Wengie’s tutorials are so specifically useful– she always adds her own “Pro-Tips” like these beautiful, little glam bonuses for her audience. She notes in the beginning that she is not a trained makeup artist, but has taught herself all that she knows and continues to learn and train her craft, an inspiring message to makeup users that think they need formal training to pull off stunning looks like the Matte Glam from this video.)  She moves on to the perfect warm and cool eyeshadow color blend, winged eyeliner followed by her favorite falsie eyelashes. With a few more each touches, the look is done. Her fans have been asking her to break down this look for so long now, and it’s clear why. You’ll need this makeup tutorial in your bag of glam tricks. It’s just that good.