Neurocore: Paving The Way Forward

The human brain is perhaps the most intriguing substance in the entire universe. Yet it sits right here in between your eyebrows. With over 100 billion neurons there are as many connections between your nervous systems cells as there are the stars in the night sky. For countless ages, there was a long-held belief that the brain was more or less static once it had been born. Today it is well understood that for long after an individual was born, in fact, for your entire life, your brain has the remarkable ability to change itself and to adapt to its surroundings. Learn more about Neurocore at Crunchbase.

This is called neural plasticity. Neurocore has developed a protocol that has enabled the ability to begin treating various mental disorders without the use of commonly used treatment options such as medical intervention and talk therapy. The process that Neurocore has used in order to develop this utilizes the most advanced and cutting-edge technologies. Whenever a patient first comes to the Neurocore Brain Performance Centers they will be cross-examined with an experienced psychological practitioner while simultaneously having their brain scanned. Afterward, a customized brain map will be created for them and then a custom tailored treatment protocol plan will be given to the patient.


Typically over the course of 30 sessions, the patient will then training to get a better sense of understanding and of control over their mental faculties. There are two main aspects of this process. There are the Biofeedback and the Neurofeedback process. The Biofeedback process is the way in which heart rate and breathing rate is recorded and then given back to you. Similarly, the Neurofeedback process involves receiving stimuli that determine whether or not your brain activity is within what is considered to be the therapeutic range or not. By the end, over 80% of patients are capable of reporting remission of their symptoms. It is no longer true that the only way to treat a disorder of the brain through the use of powerful psychotropic drugs. Read more about Neurocore at

Oren Frank : Progression in the fight for mental illness treatment

Talkspace is one the fastest growing start-ups today, CEO Oren Frank has recently made two major announcements about the future of the company. Talkspace, an app-based service that allows customers to speak with a licensed therapist via chat will now add to their team United Health senior medical director Neil Leibowitz. The move by Oren Frank is said to correspond with rumors about Talkspace eventually setting themselves up to go into an IPO or Initial Public Offering in the near future. With the addition of its one-millionth user, the company is set to create record-breaking revenue in the years to come according to CEO Oren Frank.

The addition of Neil Leibowitz to the Talkspace family will also allow therapists working in conjunction with Talkspace to prescribe actual medicine to their users. When asked about banning certain types of medicines such as Opiates, Oren Frank has stated that there are no plans at the moment to restrict any singular medicine. Neil Leibowitz has been said to also be working with the corporate side of the business as well. As an ex-insurance executive, Neil Leibowitz will begin to work in bringing the Talkspace services to employers. This is due to recent studies showing that the working millennial has seen an increase in depression, anxiety, and stress in the past few years.

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Although very skeptical at first about the service Talkspace provided, Neil eventually agreed to a meeting with the Talkspace team where they discussed the incredible service that therapist where generating and the affordability of the program for people who would normally not receive any type of mental treatment due to their financial constraints.

The company did see a few bumps in the road these past few months, however, as the public begins to learn more bout Talkspace and the incredible results it has produced, the company is set to keep on progressing in the coming months.



Matthew Fleeger: Oil, Tanning, And Waste Management Entrepreneur

Matthew Fleeger is involved in many different industries including waste management, tanning, and natural resources. He is the Chief Executive Officer of Gulf Coast Western which is based in Dallas, Texas and does business in the Gulf Coast region with domestic reserves of oil and gas. The company has been successful under his leadership and will continue to grow in the future.

He graduated from Southern Methodist University where he earned his undergraduate degree in business in 1986. Mathew Fleeger’s father had founded Gulf Coast Western in 1970 before he took over the position of CEO. Being raised in the industry, it doesn’t come as much surprise that he would earn the education needed to run such a business. While earning his BA, he focuses on marketing and finance as he knew the skills would be essential in the industry.

After he graduated, Matthew Fleeger worked with different companies in the industry along with Gulf Coast Western. He also founded a company of his own known as MedSolutions, Inc. in 1993. MedSolutions focuses on dealing with different aspects of medical waste including treatment, transportation, and disposal. The company became one of the leaders in medical waste management in their region before Matthew Fleeger made the decision to sell it to Stericycle.

After selling MedSolutions for $59 million, he made the decision to get back into the industry that his father had introduced him to. He became Gulf Coast Western’s Chief Executive Officer and President. Before joining his father’s company, he had already gained a substantial amount of experience in the areas of mergers and acquisitions which proved useful in helping to grow the company. Matthew Fleeger helped to found the tanning companies Palm Beach Tan and Mystic Tan. Mystic tan is not the biggest franchise of spray tanning in the entire world.

Steve Ritchie And His Rise To Greatness

Steve Ritchie is the proud CEO of Papa John’s which is a popular pizza company. It managed to gain its popularity because of its excellent customer service and its ability to keep up with the current changes in the market. The company has managed to be ranked as the best pizza producing company in the world due to its continuous record of positive results. Due to its popularity, Papa John’s has set up many pizza outlets in different countries and this has really added to the company’s income making it be approximately $102.29 million.

Its competent managerial team has dedicated their time and effort to make Papa John’s the great company it is today. Steve Ritchie joined the company at a young age. His passion to work at Papa John’s (@PapaJohns) was driven by his love for pizzas. He came to grow an interest in the company when he bought his first pizza from an outlet at St. Mathews. He loved the taste and the customer service of the company. He joined high school and at his fourth grade, he left school and went to look for work at Papa John’s.

He did not go to college. Steve Ritchie Papa Johns was very fortunate and he managed to get an hourly job at the company where he was getting paid $6 for every hour he worked. He was very dedicated to his job where he was responsible for receiving phone orders. He worked for some time at this position and was able to handle all the pressures he got. Luckily, Steve Ritchie (@stevemritchie) was promoted to the managerial position and there he was able to portray his exemplary leadership skills. He handled his team very well and always ensured to be successful in every responsibility he was given.

It was in the later years that he landed himself in greater ranks in the company until he became the CEO of the company in 2018. The company has so far been satisfied by his leadership and his ability to handle any challenges of the company with at most diligence. As per Courier Journal, Steve Ritchie also stated that he would his level best to make the company even greater than it is.

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A Typical Start Of The Trading Day For Igor Cornelsen

Igor Cornelsen earned a reputation in the world of finance, working for some of the largest finance companies and banks within Brazil. He has been involved in foreign currency trading and stock markets, and currently works for Brainbridge Inc. He attended Federal University of Parana in order to earn a degree in engineering, but he soon discovered the world of investing and decided to earn a degree in economics.

His typical start of the day involves waiting for the European markets to open, while he checks the policies associated with economics from around the glob and learning about the actions that took place related to the world of economics. Monitoring all the fine details is an important component when it comes to investing, and it can be easier to make good decisions about investing and about larger markets. According to Igor Cornelsen, there are patterns in the global market which are often seen in Europe that can expand to other countries, including the U.S. Another piece of advice that he shares with investors is to take time for themselves and not focus all their time completely on money and investing.

One important bit of information that he passes along to other investors is to monitor the news that is taking place in the world. Negative decision or turmoil can often impact the economy, and thus making it a downward spiral which can result in a loss of money for individual and large businesses. Igor Cornelsen pays attention to economies which are on the verge of success and are in need of additional resources in order to become a successful player in the economy. He pays attention to economies which have sold assets recently to other countries and those that are at risk of deteriorating due to their actions on the global market.

Vijay Eswaran Talks about the Most Important Things for an Entrepreneur

One of the leaders in the MLM industry who has transformed the sector completely through his venture is Vijay Eswaran, founder and CEO of the famous QI Group of Industries. Vijay Eswaran is not only a famous author and businessmen in Malaysia but also a speaker and a renowned philanthropist. Vijay Eswaran said in one of the interviews that he got interested in network marketing when he was young, but later took it seriously when he started working in the United States. He studied at London School of Economics, where he completed bachelors in socio-economics. In the United States, he joined the famous Southern Illinois University for completing his masters in business administration.

Apart from being an entrepreneur, Vijay Eswaran is also a famous author and has written several books over the years. Some of the most famous books that Vijay Eswaran has written include 18 Stepping Stone, On the Wings of Thought, Two Minutes from the Abyss, and many others. These books inspire entrepreneurs and executives to manage their life and time in a constructive manner, ensuring that they do not end up failing as an entrepreneur. He believes that when people set their mind on something, they need to work hard to achieve it. They should be able to use all the help they need to get to the top, but it is not a good idea to compromise on the things that they really believe in.

Vijay Eswaran keeps himself about the latest economic news around the world. He thinks that since the world has become interconnected, any major policy change in one country can greatly affect others. He is also a big believer in the education system and believes that education is essential in life and one should never ignore it irrespective of the industry they want to get into.

Kevin Seawright’s Long Successful Career

Kevin Seawright is a financial services professional based in Baltimore. Kevin has experience working in multiple industries. This experience helps him look at problems from various angles.

Kevin has lived in Baltimore for most of his career. When he was young, Baltimore was a city struggling with high crime rates and little economic growth. Over the past decade, the city has improved dramatically. Find out more about Kevin at Market Insider.

RPS Solutions

Kevin Seawright currently works for a company called RPS Solutions. The company is focused on helping individuals with poor credit get approval for various loans. Many city leaders believe that the economy will improve if more people can purchase homes.

RPS Solutions enjoys giving back to the city. Kevin works with lenders to design creative financing solutions so customers can reach their financial goals. His prior experience in the real estate industry helps him in his current role. He understands the actual cost of buying or selling a home, and his clients appreciate his valuable insight.


Although the city of Baltimore is safer than it used to be, there are still numerous neighborhoods with high crime rates. Living in a community with high crimes rates is much cheaper than living in a safe neighborhood. The people living in dangerous areas generally do not have the financial option to move to a better city.

Kevin Seawright designed a program with RPS Solutions to help these people. He worked with the city of Baltimore to get funding for his program. Hundreds of people have been able to move to safer areas of Baltimore due to his help.

Kevin has also assisted in local political races. Although he does not plan to run for office, he understands the importance of a stable local government. Kevin plans to continue working at RPS Solutions for foreseeable future.



The Inspiring Journey Of The Founder Of CAOA, Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade

Recently in August, world-renowned automobile expert and journalist Boris Feldman talked about the doctor cum entrepreneur Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade in his radio show called “Car Talk”. He is currently the head of the largest car distributor and manufacturer in South America.

The journey of Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade from being a doctor in Paraiba to becoming a successful and important businessman in the automobile industry in Brazil is indeed inspiring. He founded CAOA in 1979, which is the market leader in the automotive industry with units spread all across Brazil. They have long-lasting dealerships from famous automobile brands such as Hyundai, Subaru, and Ford. Due to their excellent performance and high customer satisfaction record, they became the only dealers with rights to import Hyundai cars and Subaru in 1996.

In the year 2007, the company became a manufacturer of cars and has set up an installation unit in Anapolis, Goias. The manufacturing plant was built with the intention of producing HR truck models from Hyundai. In 2009, they got the license of producing Hyundai Tucson SUVs in their Anapolis factory. Currently, they assemble and produce a range of cars like Tucson, iX35, HD80 trucks, etc. at their installation plant. Since 1979, they have steadily sold over a million cars of different varieties in the Brazilian market.

The manufacturing rights of HR and HD78 trucks were obtained from a license issued by Hyundai itself. The founder’s long-time wish is to create a new brand of homegrown cars. Expert Boris Feldman sounded convinced that Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade has changed the landscape of the automobile sector of the country and has positively impacted the Brazilian economy.

Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade has been an aggressive yet composed entrepreneur who follows a set of principles and utilizes all his learnings and experience during making business decisions. His entrepreneurial skills and business acumen have been sharp and unfathomable throughout his career. He is an individual who specializes in manufacturing cars, managing and expanding dealership coverage, ensuring proper distribution and effective marketing and efficient management of spare parts inventory. To date, CAOA has secured dealerships and manufacturing rights for French Renault, Korean Hyundai, Japanese Subaru, and the American Ford.

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Clayton Hutson Steps in the live music production industry

Clayton Huston has worked side by side with various famous people every day. Through his, career Clay has built himself a reputation of resilience and hard work where he always aims at producing top quality products. He has a vast background in the world of tour production, audio design and engineering logistics, stage management and production management. This has left him capable and well positioned to handle and understand every aspe4ct of music production and to be able to manage live events flawlessly.

Clayton says that much of his success has come about after working with various talented individuals over the years. He says that his crew makes him so proud as they always perform above and beyond the expectations of the highly competitive industry.

He holds a bachelor’s degree in Theater design. After earning this, he set out to begin his career where he took a position as a consultant and designer for one of the regional light and sound company in the Midwest. His break came about when he was offered a job to be the production manager for the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association. He says that this position became the basis for all his future work and his start point in the field of live music.

The fact that his skills stretch far in show productions has seen him take up various roles in the arena over the years. However, his passion is always driving him to come up with multiple ways to be more creative and to expand his skills in production. This desire is what made him take a step of faith in launching his own company. He began a company that offered a wide variety of services in the music production industry.

Today, Clay Hutson has managed to realize his dreams where he is one of the most sought-after names in the industry of music productions. He comes up with new, creative and better ways of satisfying his clients’ needs. He integrates new technologies with traditional concepts and techniques to come up with the perfect blend of old and new. His unique and valuable perspective has become a very active player in the live production industry.

InnovaCare Health

InnovaCare Health is a facility that combines both invention and quality healthcare to create advanced value-based healthcare for patients. The facility has excellent leadership with over 120 years of experience in healthcare delivery and management. It has competent experts with a good record of accomplishment for many years. They have been able to assist the healthcare organisation effectively to enable them to meet the demand for the industry.


This has created a good relationship and confident to their clients. InnovaCare provides the opportunity for enhanced and quality care to all people. It believes in smart healthcare and wellbeing for their client that is provided by expert doctors. The facility has been successful in its endeavours due to the excellent delivery of health services to the people. The excellent reputation of the facility has assisted many people in healthcare delivery.


Richard Shinto who is the president and the Chief Executive Officer founded InnovaCare Health in 1998. He established the facility after joining North America Medical Management that is located in California, United States. He was a practising doctor when he was beginning the facility. He acknowledged the unmet necessities for operating expertise among the doctors in changing market. He worked with North America Medical Management to provide quality healthcare more efficiently. You can visit



Dr Rick Shinto has over 20 years of experience in clinical operation and healthcare. He has served in different healthcare facilities such as Chief Executive Officer of Aveta, PMC Medicare Choice of North America. He now serves as the managing director and president of InnovaCare Health.


Rick Shinto has a strong team of executive leadership that is around him, who is a great inspiration to his administration. The group helps him to make the wise decision of the facility and guide him to accomplish the objectives of the facility. Rick Shinto is a graduate of Bachelor of Science degree from the University of California. He is also a graduate of a medical degree from the State University of New York. He has also earned a master’s degree in business administration that he learnt in the University of Redlands.


He is acknowledged for being a great force of change in InnovaCare Health and the reason why the company enjoys the success is his hard work. His objectives and goals are to expand into other markets and to improve the health care facilities to the people. His experience in healthcare has enabled him to improve InnovaCare Health to the standard it is in the present. You can visit their Facebook page.



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